Zero Waste Bazaar

Green Fest and “Zero & Low Waste Serbia” initiative
present to you

16 and 17 October, from 16 to 20h | Hall in front of Amerikana (1st floor)

Waste has become part of our everyday life - disposable bags, containers, various plastic packaging, and metal packaging which can be used only once... Simply put, we make too much waste and it is everywhere. Fortunately, there are more and more products that allow us to be responsible consumers and also to contribute as much as possible to a healthier environment and personal health. That is why we have decided to show things from a different angle and organize ZERO WASTE BAZAAR that will inform festival visitors that there are domestic products whose usage is helping with the waste reduction, but also to enable their producers to continue their mission, build their presence on the market and strengthen the development of the circular economy in Serbia.



SPARKLE NATURAL COSMETICS originated from Bojana’s immense love for cosmetics. Her biggest desire was to offer to others what she expects from a product. Also, her love for nature helped her to blend everything and create a line of natural whole-body care products. For making Sparkle products, she uses 100% natural raw materials which have safety certification. She offers a number of products without packaging and also products in glass and aluminum packages.




THE MINIMAL WORKSHOP is dedicated to making fruit and vegetable shopping bags, which are used instead of plastic ones. The bags are made of reused materials such as hi-quality curtains. Beautiful patterns and strong material allows you to pack more fruits or vegetables in one bag. Minimal bags are made with love and the main force which motivates the work of the Minimal Workshop is to inspire people in Serbia to pay attention to the amount of disposable plastics thrown away every day!




VITA ECO BAGS are reusable bags that replace disposable plastic bags when buying groceries, mostly fruits or vegetables. One pack of VITA ECO BAGS replaces around 600 plastic bags a year. The use of reusable bags reflects a zero-waste philosophy that aims in reusing things, thus reducing the waste.




KNIToMANIA is a concept that combines social and environmental benefits. Our products are crocheted by the elderly, out of used plastic bags, with what we try to prevent these potential pollutants from ending up in nature, but also allow the elderly to contribute to the community and generate additional income. The mission of our products is to educate and raise awareness of the entire community about the need to strive for sustainable development and an eco-friendly approach.




NEZABORAV is a workshop for making decorative paper and cardboard products. The workshop is certified by the Ministry of Economy of Republic of Serbia, as an art craft workshop. Thus, all the products that come out of it bear the label of handmade arts and crafts product. The aim of the workshop is the application of upcycling in the process of making products, as well as artisanal and craft experimenting with paper and cardboard, as one of the oldest and most appreciative media. The goal is to bring together the beautiful and the useful, creating something that can convey a good ecological and aesthetic message, and also to make the world a better and more beautiful place to live.




LaŠE COSMETICS is a workshop of natural and eco handmade cosmetics, made in small unique batches and in accordance with the individual needs of users. For us, circular economy and waste reduction are crucially important when it comes to choosing the products and its packaging. We are committed to advocate the returnable and eco-friendly packaging, as well as harmless and hi-quality products.




SEOSKE ŽENE ČAJETINE have recognized their power and the great impact they can have on reducing the effects of climate change in their environment. Minimizing the garbage that every household makes is one way, and our women are very committed to that goal. Being skillful and creative, they began to manufacture and use crocheted household cloths (a replacement for dish-washing cloths made of artificial materials, but also suitable for various other things), crocheted make-up wipers, and crocheted net bags. In this way, they achieve two goals: reducing waste and increasing the household budget.




CENTAR ZA RECIKLAŽU ŽENSKOG CENTRA UŽICE began working in 2010, and in its work, hard-working women from vulnerable groups have collected, donated, repurposed, repaired and sewed large quantities of textiles that would otherwise end up in a landfill. They manufacture toys, accessories, clothing, and have recently become involved in the zero-waste movement, to contribute and expand the community that cares for our planet, with their shopping bags and recycled textile measuring bags.




SONJA CLAY, CLOTH AND POETRY is a mini-brand behind a philosopher. Although the main products are represented as clay or porcelain items, what made it recognizable are cotton wipes impregnated with natural beeswax, intended for a more conscious and responsible packaging and storage of food. Using such items raises awareness on the importance of reducing the amount of waste we produce, and also a greater degree of presence in something seemingly ordinary, but immeasurably important - the preparation and storage of food. The concept of life which implies minimalism, in its specific Banatian form (nothing is thrown away), and poetry in all forms, are the basic values on which the brand relies and promotes.




Designed as a way to help to an elderly person, BAKINI TUPFERI soon became part of a small internet campaign, and since good customer impressions increased the demand, so did the need to create a website. In addition to facial cleaning tuffers, we also offer grocery bags, facial scrubs and cleansers for dishwashers, and many more. All products are handmade made from natural and recycled materials. Save money by avoiding t buy many one-off solutions while you love the planet!




ŠUMA PEVA is a social service for instigating green actions. It exists since 2015 and is engaged in greening Belgrade's streets and yards. We organize planting twice a year, and so far we have planted over 600 seedlings in Belgrade. The rest of the year we spend in raising the money for planting through organizing lunches, participating in bazaars, and selling jewelry and bags. At the Green Fest, we will introduce our magnets, jeans, T-shirts, bracelets, pies and cakes. Also, you can report places for planting at our booth.




BIRD PROTECTION AND STUDY SOCIETY OF SERBIA celebrates 30 years of work on the protection and study of birds and nature in Serbia this year. DZPPS is part of BirdLife International's global partnership. It brings together individuals, institutions and communities that care for the future of birds and nature in Serbia into a network of active members and establishes and maintains partnerships with bird and nature protection associations around the world. Within the Green Fest Bazaar, you will have the opportunity to get some of their interesting posters, badges, publications, as well as to learn how the free mobile application "Ptice na dlanu" can help you recognize the birds around you.

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