Short & Mid-length Films


WEDNESDAY | 16.10. | 16:30

Secrets In The World’s Largest Forest
Directed by: Ryszard Hunka | Length: 53’ | Country of Origin: Canada
A dynamic and exciting story of secrets hidden in the largest forest in the world.

7 Hectares Back
Directed by: Dorota Migas - Mazur | Length: 10’ | Country of Origin: Poland
One man, sacrificing almost everything, is on a mission to bring back the part of the rainforest that humanity had taken away from the Earth.

Illegal Activists – The Battle For Norway Fjords
Directed by: Julia Dahr, Julie Lunde Lillesæter | Length: 11’ | Country of Origin: Norway
A drama about young courageous activists determined to do everything they can to stop the biggest pollution in Norway in the last 50 years.

Pandas In The Mist
Directed by: Juan Rodriguez, Thierry Garance | Length: 2’ | Country of Origin: France
Realizing that they have become an endangered species, the community of pandas decides to do something about it.

Now Or Never
Directed by: Matt Senior | Length: 25’ | Country of Origin: United Kingdom
The plan for building a factory into the midst of natural habitat of Batang orangutan will be endangered, inclung people living in it.

Directed by: Barry Mitchell | Length: 6’ | Country of Origin: Australia
The story of the world we lost.

How A Song Saved A Species
Directed by: Rémi Cans | Length: 2’ | Country of Origin: France
The story of the discovery that led to the rescue of one species, but also started a new era of saving endangered animals worldwide.

On The Cover
Directed by: Yegane Moghaddam | Length: 4’ | Country of Origin: Iran
Everything seems innocent and beautiful in the adventure of the photographer through nature, until his departure reveals the sad face of the nature.


WEDNESDAY | 16.10. | 18:30

Wild Austria - Created by Water
Directed by: Rita Schlamberger, Michael Schlamberger | Length: 50’ | Country of Origin: Austria
An incredible story of power of water that has shaped habitat full of different animal species, making it Austria's greatest treasure.

The Kodiak Queen
Directed by: Rob Sorrenti | Length: 17’ | Country of Origin: United Kingdom
A team of enthusiasts will face a challenge to turn the WWII warship into the symbol of hope for the future generations.

Stolen Apes
Directed by: Colin Sytsma | Length: 19’ | Country of Origin: USA
Detective Daniel Steels constantly finds new ways of combatting illegal orangutans trafficking.


WEDNESDAY | 16.10. | 20:00

Birth Of A Pride
Directed by: Dereck Joubert | Length: 44’ | Country of Origin: South Africa
The ups and downs in the life of a family of lions that will try to keep family together despite all the challenges of the new emerging environment.

Lemming - The Little Giant Of The North
Directed by: Zoltan Török | Length: 50’ | Country of Origin: Germany
Adventures of the most mysterious mammal species in the northern hemisphere.

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