After viewing the films and the work of the Jury consisted of: Heinz Hermanns (Germany), Dr. Vladimir Đurđević (Serbia) and Oliver Pollet (France), we announce the winners of the 13th Green Fest:

Best Medium-length Film & Best of the fest

Mamody, the last Baobab digger by Cyrille Cornu, France, 52 min

To a film that gives us a close insight into a beautiful yet also extremely poor country. Madagascar has always been troubled continuously by natural disasters and is suffering from a shortage of water and desertification. The film succeeds to bring us very close to the everyday life of countryside people living under very hard conditions and is introducing us to their unique concept of saving water.

Best Full-Feature Film

Dear Future Children by Franz Böhm, Germany, 89 min

To a film that, thanks to an intense way of narration with a camera that is always very close to the protagonists, allows audiences to follow the lives of three young female activists in very different areas of the world – Uganda, Chile, and Hongkong taking a lot of risks to introduce the challenges and motivations of the women and the protest movements fighting against social injustice and environmental destruction.

Best Short Film

A:dress by Clare Unsworth, United Kingdom, 8 minutes

For a very well-executed film, with strong editing and cinematography and original poetry highlighting an extremely important issue of our times, being the environmental impact of the fashion industry. The film also has a strong educational appeal, with fast fashion being responsible for more Co2 emissions than global shipping and flights, among many other salient points raised in this short film.

Best Animated Film

Autosaurus Rex by Marcel Barelli, Switzerland, 6 minutes

For the true originality of its approach, creative writing, child-like curiosity, and the simplicity of its animation, which can be enjoyed by people of all ages, comes a beautiful film with great humor, challenging and changing the narrative around the biggest dinosaur of our times: automobiles and their ever-growing impact on our lives and the environment.