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DIRECTED BY: Denis Delestrac | COUNTRY OF PRODUCTION: France, Canada

SUBTITLES: Serbian | The Film is not suitable for people under 12.

Most people think of sand as a complimentary ingredient of a beach. Is sand an infinite resource? What are the consequences of its immense consumption in the construction industry? After the drinking water, the sand is the second most used resource on Earth. 75% of the beaches in the world are decreasing and there is a serious threat that they will disappear with time. Sand is considered to be a free resource as it is widespread, but every house, building, bridge, airport, and street are mostly made of this resource. Sand can be found in toothpaste, food, or a glass of vine. Discover a new “gold rush” in interviews with sand smugglers, barefoot millionaires, corrupt politicians, unscrupulous builders, and environmentalists and you will see that the “sand wars” have already begun.