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This exhibition, created by the French organization Double Hélice, introduces the public to the different sources of existing energy. Renewable energies such as hydro, biomass, solar, wind, geothermal, but also fossil and nuclear energy ... the exhibition makes an inventory of the advantages and disadvantages of each.
The exhibition is part of the Caravan for Climate project and aims to raise awareness among Serbian citizens, especially young people, that fossil fuels are a major cause of CO2 emissions and that our natural resources, even if still immense, are not inexhaustible. Awareness and support from the citizens are essential to focus the country on producing electricity from renewable sources. The population must think about it as well as understand it all in order to adapt their behavior and participate in the energy transition towards the one in which the country heads.
Interactive models will also help you better understand how structures using renewable energy sources work.
French institute in Serbia and French Embassy in Serbia | www.karavanzaklimu.rs


The Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia and National Geographic Serbia have organized a photo competition, “Nature in a Positive”, in order to see the pristine natural beauty of Serbia through the lens of professional photographers, as well as amateurs and enthusiasts. As they are difficult to list, it is not surprising that we received a large number of photographs, over 3,500. The five-member jury had the great challenge of selecting the best, who would also be rewarded. During the Green Fest, the exhibition draws attention to the need for environmental protection, which is also a priority of the six-month Finland's Presidency of the Union. Sustainable development with respect for nature is a key concept that guides developed countries in the 21st century. The competition and exhibition are part of the #EUzaTebe campaign, which draws attention to the results of EU development assistance to Serbia. Since 2001, the EU has invested more than three billion euros in grants through numerous projects, making it the largest donor in the country.
The Delegation of the European Union of Serbia and National Geographic Serbia | www.europa.rs


Marino design creates handmade 100% recycled paper lamps made by women from sensitive social groups and designed by young designers. The whole process of designing, making and hand-crafting the lamps is absolutely unique, and the look of our objects is inspired by a modern minimalist style that makes it ideal for interiors where attention to every detail is needed.



Students of fashion and textile design from the Faculty of Design, associate members of the University of Primorska from Slovenia, created recycled high-fashion garments made from waste materials and old used textiles, which were converted into new material through the use of various techniques. With use of these materials, students designed clothing forms and developed technological approach for processing of recycling materials under the mentorship of Associate Professor Mateja Benedetti. Clothing-sculpture is a reproduction of a well-known fashion designer, while textiles and non-textiles are inspired by motifs of painters from different periods, from Jackson Pollock to Monet.
Faculty of Design, an associate member of the University of Primorska | www.fd.si



AlgiOx is a multidisciplinary and environmentally conscious team of students. Combining the experience of our previous work and knowledge in various fields such as algology, electrical engineering, biochemistry and polymer chemistry, we have created AlgiOx - a smart device for your home that harnesses the natural power of algae and improves air quality. Our goal is to remove particles and pollutants from the air with the help of photosynthesis used by our system, making indoors healthier! Let's grow oxygen together!


It represents a unique landscape and architectural space with a variety of substantial values, spatial and created features and its complex functions. It is a “green classroom” and living archive of domestic and non-domestic wooded plants, represented by more than 1,800 specimens on an area of 6 ha around the Faculty building, which is still an undiscovered green oasis in Belgrade.
Arboretum of the Faculty of Forestry University of Belgrade | arboretum.sfb.bg.ac.rs



Solagro Tim is a Serbian startup dedicated to the creation and implementation of smart can recycling systems which motivate citizens to recycle in a fun way through play. The system consists of smart presses and a mobile application. Solagro has received multiple awards for Best Technology Innovation. It cooperates with over 30 clients in 9 countries of the world.



Winning prototype made by a students' team of the School of Electrical Engineering at the International University Competition, which has attracted the attention of both local and international public. You may have seen various models of electric bikes, but the H-Bridges team went one step further, building the most efficient inverter and implementing the most reliable engine management system so far. A new generation of cycling can begin!
Team H-Bridges of School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade | www.h-bridges.etf.bg.ac.rs/team


jurakizlozbaART JURAK

Jurak's constant practice is to create with already used objects and production left-overs. Sculptures from parts of the antenna illustrate people's dependence on the products of technological advancement. There is a great deal of information and misinformation that humanity consumes, and yet, in the end, everyone is on their own. Is this possible? NATURE is the one that must connect us!
Art Jurak | artjurak.wordpress.com


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