About Festival

International Green Culture Festival “Green Fest” was founded in 2010, and very quickly became the largest environmental festival in the South East Europe region, that binds environmental and cultural activities through film screenings, workshops, lectures, debates, exhibitions and innovations which connect and bring together people of all professions and ages.

The festival is divided in to 3 parts:

GREEN SCREEN FEST is international environmental film program, divided in two sub-programs: full-feature and short and medium length films.

GREEN FIELD is international education program, a place for opening new approaches to education through peer and expert education programs.

GREEN SQUARE is international exhibition program, where, companies, organizations, artists, social and student entrepreneurs that develop "green" products and initiatives, are being presented.

In 2010, Festival received the award “Stars of Belgrade” for the best project supported by the City of Belgrade. In 2015, and again in 2017 we received certificate “EFFE label” (Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe) issued by DG Culture and European Festival Association. In 2016 Green Fest became the member of “Green Film Network”. Also, in 2017, we received the award „Green Leaf“, and executive director of festival Ms. Ivana Jovčić received the Award from the City of Belgrade for the exceptional contribution to environmental protection in 2017.

In the last 8 years, we have received over 5000 films in Call for Entries. So far, we have screened over 700 films, of which 74 was awarded. We organized more than 160 workshops, lectures and panel discussions. We present 138 exhibitors. Over 65000 people have visited the festival in previous years.

Festival is held every November and it is produced and organized by Environment Improvement Centre.

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